Saturday, February 26, 2011

Movie Tube: AWESOME Brunette European SSBBW Porn ICON - Cleopatra - Get's Her Pussy Nicely Serviced by our Stud!!!

Model: Cleopatra

Description: This "session" with Cleopatra and our Stud is divided into two parts.

Part I -  SSBBW Cleopatra's Pussy gets "Hammered" by our Stud, while laying on her side

This Movie Tube is brought to us courtesy of our good friends over at "Plump and Tasty" (a Premier website that is dedicated to GORGEOUS BBW Models just like Cleopatra.

Part II - SSBBW Cleopatra gets on Top and Rides our Stud!!!

These Movie Tubes are provided to us courtesy of our Good Friends at "Plump and Tasty"!!!

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